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Thanks Chris for helping us with getting our bedroom slide in so we could travel. We really appreciated your quick service and great advice about what needs to be 'taken care of' in order to get our slide working correctly.
Jim and Marie

Chris, the "boot camp" was great. You were very patient with us and answered all our questions. I highly recommend this for any new travel trailer owners! 
Shane McLean

I wanted to thank you again for going above and beyond helping me get my ac working even though you could not actual come to work on it. You help me to check out different things to figure out and where to get the parts locally.


I just wanted to thank you for the assistance you gave me over the phone with the problem i had with my motorhome.  You did not have to provide that type of service, over the phone when you did not even know me.  That kind of service is a rare today and is very much appreciated.. Thank you again.
Rocky Healey
Frenchtown, Montana

First Choice called me right back today and helped me trouble shoot LP and tire issues over the phone . I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks.

I was given Chris’s number from dealer I bought RV from. I contacted him and left message. He returned my call and successfully diagnosed my AC problem over the phone and walked me through fixing it. Very impressed that he would so without service call! Highly recommend them for RV service.
Brett D

On last trip, the front slide would not go out. Called Good Sam Road Service and was told the slide not coming out was not considered an emergency so they could not dispatch a mechanic. I called Chris for help. He came out and found out the "brain" for the front was toast. I got the part in today and all is well. Thanks Chris!


Thanks Chris!
I was 300 miles away from home and starting to panic when I lost all electrical power. I found your web site and gave you a call and in 10 min you had me up and running again.
I’m keeping your info near when I re-visit your service area
05 37U Bounder Diesel

Mr. Chris hello again, I let my daughter and her 3 kids use my rv for mothers day weekend ( Natchitoches, LA) alone with my son in law (I was not concerned about him) the AC stop working in the woods she called me, (Dallas, TX) I called Chris. He was able to get the AC going again over the phone Mr. Chris just want to say thanks again for helping me help my daughter.


Thank you for your superb service.  We arrived with a slide refusing to extend beyond 6".  We were impressed with your knowledge and that you got it repaired in short order for a  most reasonable price.  On top of that, you made suggestions on replacing our converter which was cooking our house batteries and that we should replace our LP gas regulator as it was over 5 years old.  Our on-board generator was behaving badly and you said it was a fuel supply problem which we thought we would fix at a later time. 
While on the road, you sent pictures of the broken part from the slide as it should appear when properly installed and a picture of the converter we should have.  We now have the new converter, batteries are happy.  We installed a new genset fuel pump; generator runs like a top.  You were spot-on with your diagnosis.   A new LP gas regulator will be ordered when we get back off the road.
You get five stars from us.  Thanks for your help.
J & G

Chris from First choice mobile RV repair went above and beyond in helping me identify what I needed and how to go about getting it for my 2006 Outback trailer.   He was very knowledgeable and quick to get back with me.  Much better to deal with a company like this than the large RV outlets that try to sell you everything under the sun. There aren’t many people/companies out there like this anymore that are really just there to help you get what you need and to service customers. Would recommend him to anyone who needs some RV help/repair.
Lisa K.

It is with great enthusiasm I write this review.

I had the opportunity to take advantage of Chris’s service this month. And what a 5* service it was, and than the bonus to open the RV encyclopedia inside his head has been worth 100 times what his fee was.

Since I live in Florida, and was looking to buy a unseen repo’d 39’ Fifth wheel in Louisiana, I found him by internet chance. I have to say I took a leap of faith and called looking for someone to inspect this trailer before I committed to the bank. After 30 minutes of him interviewing me as much as I was validating him, I knew he was the guy. The fountain of knowledge overflowed and I am happy to say his reasonable full service inspection saved me thousands while expanding my knowledge of RV’s, parts, tricks of the trade.

I am pleased to say that this was not just a one time transaction for him, Chris is in it to make sure you have a full service experience and is more than willing to help long after he initial service. And help he does.

I would recommend him for anyone looking for the correct way to service your RV, you won’t be disappointed…

Looking for a honest, caring wealth of RV experience, Chris is your guy.

Steve & Wendy

We had just purchased a VERY old camper to be used as a bathroom while ours was being torn apart to fix leaks and, being our first RV, knew nothing about them. The first time we turned on the water, there were gushers everywhere, and the piping joints didn't look like it would take much for them to fall apart. 

His estimate to completely replace the plumbing, tub/shower, toilet, and bathroom & kitchen faucets was fair and reasonable. He completed everything in one day and it was a lot of hard work. The tub had to be cut out in pieces and the access for the tub fittings was in a small space next to a heater unit. The replacement tub he ordered is much better than what was there and the toilet replacement is ceramic instead of the ugly yellowed plastic. We're really happy with the quality of the work and replacement parts, and he took the time to explain a lot about Rvs, which I really appreciate. He cleaned up after finishing and everything looks great!  

Chris was a bathroom remodel saver! If you have ANY RV problem, I'm sure he can fix it. I would highly recommend him over any of the big chain stores. He will treat you fair and honest--a rarity in today's service world.  

Chris came out to my place in Benton and performed regular maintenance on my generator, something that I have been trying to get done for a year now. All the technicians at shops around my area work only at the shop and make no trips. When I found Chris's site and discovered that he came to you to do the service, I was elated! He was prompt and cordial and took the time to help me to learn how to service my generator so that next time I will be able to do it myself. He had all the parts needed and took care of everything I was requesting of him in 1 trip! To me that say's he is thorough and cares about doing a good job for you and I will use him again when needed! I highly recommend him for all full time RV'ers!
Dan F

While traveling on our holiday vacation we experienced a problem with the water lines in the RV after filling and turning on the pump we had water coming from sides of the cabinets! A ways from home we started looking for options and found Chris!  We called as we were almost to Shreveport and he met us in the casino parking lot and took a quick look and found we had a value issue. He had us fixed up and good to go quickly. What service!! Our vacation was saved!  All of this of course during a holiday weekend.  Highly recommend Chris for any work needed while in the Bossier area!!

Chris was a first class act in handling my issue. As a business owner, I feel that customer service is number one and First Choice Mobile RV handled my customers issue in a timely manner. I will push all of my service work in this area to Chris in the future! Affordable rates and professionalism is a tough thing to find in today's world, but First Choice RV nothing short of great!
Longhorn Trailer Sales LLC

You folks who live near Shreveport are lucky to have Chris in your area. He was a tremendous help in solving a "dead refrigerator" on our almost brand new RV after a 200 mile day of traveling, all over the phone. He took me step by step until the problem area was detected and solved, all in 15 minutes. Thanks First Choice Mobile RV!
D&T 5/27/16

Wish we were in an area that Chris serves. What kindness to extend so much valuable help to us when he saw our post on RV.Net. This was genuine caring because there is no way we could repay him. He advised me of what tools to get; stopped me from doing something that could have made matters worse; and, talked me through how to do the repair. Folks, that is the epitome of a Good Samaritan.  Thank you Chris!

Stephen J 4/30/16

Wanna thank Chris for fixing my leak, I was at the twin corners rv park had a leak in my roof, called up Chris and he came out and fixed the leak in under an hour. Chris saved my vacation and trip couldn't think of a better guy

Tony D 3/9/16

"I called Chris on a Saturday afternoon about a few issues I was having with my new to me bus. He immediately started troubleshooting the issues over the phone. We set up an appointment for him to go over some additional problems I was having. Chris came to me and fixed them within 10 minutes. He took the time to go over the entire coach to make sure everything was in good order. He then followed up with me the next day to make sure I had no additional questions. In this day and age it is uncommon to find the great customer service him and Anne provide".
Christopher 8/19/15

"Chris suggested an Andersen No Sway Hitch System due to its affordability and its effectiveness. When I had a minor issue doing my own installation, I texted Chris a photo and he immediately saw the issue and the problem was solved!"
Harry 7/1/15

Bill & Ann 6/15/15

"On 1/28/2015 my wife and I pulled into diamond jacks casino RV. We had a problem with no power to slides and leveling jacks. I called Chris and he stayed on the line looking up manuals for my Georgetown class a RV and its LCI lever alerts until we figured out a simple breaker by the hydraulic motor had popped. I just reset it and I was back in business. We are from California and have had some long days getting here. Chris was patient and determined to help us. Thanks Chris".
Bob & Kelly Allen 1/28/15
"After experiencing a major power surge in our fiver, we assumed appliances, air conditioner and all other electrical components had "fried". Without Chris' help we would have spent an enormous amount of money for assessment and possible equipment we may never had needed!"
Dave and Tutti - 11/13/2014

"This company is AWESOME! Called Chris on a Sunday morning! He talked me through on how to fix my furnace over the phone! And didn't even charge me! I'm in Shreveport 2 months out of the year and he will in the future get my business! Thanks again Chris". Don Nov 2014.

"thank you for the prompt & professional service in helping us get our wall slide working again".
 Brett Nov 2014  Phoenix, AZ

"A  while back when I was looking to purchase a camper, is the time when I first met Chris. Being my first camper purchase I did not know very much about campers and their quirks. I made a post inquiring about a 5thwheel camper I found on a forum and Chris was quick to offer his help and time to me. He guided me to make sure that I knew what to look for when buying a used camper. He was always there to answer any questions I had and always gave me solid advice on things such as maintenance and troubleshooting problems. He is very knowledgeable and experienced.  I would recommend Chris to family, friends and anyone else who may be in need of his services". Case, June 2014
"Thank you to Chris and Ann for the great service.I feel like I've made new friends!"y'all are super!". Lynn, May 2014
"Thanks Chris--you saved my camping trip-I have hot water again!".
Steve Lee Jan 2014
"When another mobile tech charged me $125 for a service charge plus to caulk my shower basin and still did not solve my issue, Chris helped me out just through email and helped solve the issue for good!" Dave/Full-timing/April 2013